What is Cancer? – Cancer Symptoms

Did you know what is cancer? The number of cancer patients is increasing worldwide everyday which gives rise to the question what is cancer?

What is Cancer :

Before knowing what is cancer we should have an idea about human body. Human body is consists of cells, tissues and bones. Cell is a small unit and there are various types of cells are present in the body. Cell usually unites with other cells and that’s the way it makes whole body of an organism.

Normality of the cell that means its normal growth, division is very important for specific body function or we can say for a normal healthy life.

To Understand what is Cancer

Cancer Cell Growth

When the cell division, growth in a body parts (organ) becomes abnormal, it develops anti bodies, malignancies, tumors in organ and the concern organ loses its functional capacity, that is cancer. It can spread to the other body parts. These cells are capable of getting into other tissues, they usually move through blood or lymph systems.

Abnormal growth of cells could be in increased or decreased amount. The death of cells also causes cancer.

Cancers are named after the organ or types of cell in which they start.

For an example – if the cancer affects the lung it will be lung cancer.

Cancer usually  affect old People but it can happen to anybody at any age. Cancer is the leading cause of death. That’s why we have to know “what is cancer“. worldwide 12.5% of death specified because of cancer. Tobacco, high radiation, alcohol, too much oily food can be triggers of various types of cancer.

That cancer is not a contagious disease. It can’t transferable to other people by touching or living with them.

In Case of  Breast Cancer

Did you know what is Breast Cancer? In case of breast cancer the disease normally with formation of tumors. Some tumors do not violet the function of other tissues but most of the time they can be malignant or cancerous.

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