Breast Cancer Symptoms

In the very beginning breast cancer symptoms may not shows. Women may not feel any different but in most cases lump discovered  the breast cancer, women feel different from the other part of the breast.

Generally mammogram shows the abnormality in the breast , which is the x-ray of breast. Any of the following changes could be a breast cancer symptoms. If women notice any of the changes mentioned below quickly should consult a physician.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Figure: Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms


Lump In The Breast or In Armpit

Breast lumps are swellings that will make women feel the different from other surrounding breast tissues. Approximately in 10 cases out of 100 breast lumps leads to breast cancer. Lumps found in lymph nodes located in the armpits can also indicate breast cancer.

Lumps in the breast

Figure: Lumps in the breast

If the Skin of the nipple (especially with the women who are breastfeeding a baby) get injured or cracked, bacteria may enter the wound and cause infections. This type of infection may causes breast lumps.

It should noted that lumps are not always cancerous.

Swelling of whole part or a small of the breast

Swelling means the enlargement of a body part, as we are talking about breast; if the breasts become swollen abnormally it could be a breast cancer symptoms.

Swelling of breast

Figure: Swelling of breast


Changes in the breast size or shape

Changes in shape or size of breast are quite normal; but it is a woman’s duty to make sure that nothing has happened abnormal.

Pain in the nipple or nipple moving toward interior

Inversion of nipple

Figure: Inversion of nipple

Redness in the nipple area or the breast

Redness in the skin of breast

Figure: Redness in the skin of breast

Nipple leaks out fluid other than barest milk

Nipple leaking out

Figure: Nipple leaking out fluid including blood


However these changes also can be signs of normal changes or less serious issues that are not cancerous, however just to make sure get your breast checked out by a physician without any delay.