Mammograms – Breast Cancer Test

The x-ray picture of the breast is known as mammograms. The goal of the mammogram is to look for changes in neither breast that are nor normal. X-ray films are used to record the result or radiologist can check directly through the computer. In case of x-ray has two pictures one for the left breast and one for the right breast. When changes can’t be felt during breast exam then mammogram allows the physician to have a better look.


X-ray is taken of each position in mammography

When you should go through mammograms procedure:

Women when feel any changes in their breast it could be pain, nipple discharge, changes in breasts shape or size. Even women who do not have any breast complaints should go through mammogram procedure. Just to make sure if any disease grows up like breast cancer.

Though changes in breast are usually normal, especially during the time of menstrual period but only a physician can know for sure.

Mammograms Report

Mammograms Reports Shows Left and Right Breast

Types of Mammograms:

Mammogram has two types-

  1. Screening
  2. Diagnostic

Diagnostic mammograms are usually used after detection of cancer. When the changes in breast are hard to find on a screening mammogram, diagnostic mammogram can be used to have a better look in the suspicious area of the breast which helps the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnostic mammogram involves more x-rays than screening mammogram which provide the views of the breast from several angles.

The US National Cancer Institute says-

Women of forty years or older than forty should get mammogram every couple of years.

It’s better if you get mammogram every year. Women who have family history of breast cancer shouldn’t wait till age 40. They should get mammogram at early age and they might need to get them more often.